Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life is Good

This is the type of year that is burned forever into the minds of Sundevil fans and anti-wildcat worshippers. Soak it up, fans. The Devils have sent UofA sport teams back to their locker room with that pitchfork stuck where the sun don't shine at a record pace this year, as this article from ESPN.com shows so elegantly. Bask in the glory, SUNDEVIL fans, as we know that Wilbur is blowing some coke with Wilma at a local egees working up the courage to face us next year...

Sucks to be a WILDCAT.
think about it: were doing this with Rudy Carpenter...

Jack Elway's competition has signed, His name is Andy Magee.
and here are Andy's stats

Pendergraph is focusing on next season, and will not "test the waters"  in the upcoming NBA draft

Rudy's thumb hurts... maybe he shouldn't mouth off to the 

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