Sunday, December 2, 2007


They say a picture says a thousand words.

That picture says:
-10 wins (first time since 1996)
-Three straight Duel in the Desert victories
-Pac-10 Co-Champions (thanks for showing up today, by the way, UCLA)
-A potential BCS berth

The buzz around the press box today was that a victory over Arizona and a Missouri win would garner the Devils an immediate invitation to the Fiesta Bowl. I'm here to tell you that that didn't pan out for obvious reasons.

On a side note, isn't it the most appropriate thing that in a season where 10 #1 or #2 seeds lost and a I-AA school beat the then #5 ranked team in the nation on opening day, that both #1 and #2 lost on the final day of the season?

On to the bowls. GO DEVILS. Another successful year of drubbing the Kitties.

Check back tomorrow after I watch my TiVoed replay for analysis, a "What They're Saying" column and an update on the bowl situation.

My instant analysis for tonight though consists of just this, and it sucks to say it, but: CHRIS McGAHA will NEVER score a touchdown, EVER again. If he didn't score on that amazing, #2 top plays on Sportscenter catch...geez.

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