Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Viva Pitchfork Nation! Viva Las Vegas!

We're 11 days away from turning the calendar to 2008 and closing the book on a stellar year of sports at Arizona State.

Time for a celebration!

Mark and I are headed to Las Vegas for the next couple days (ironically, on two completely separately planned trips, and we didn't realize we were going at the same time until like, this past Wednesday). T.J. is in charge of keeping you all up to date on what's up with the basketball team 'till we're back in action, most likely on Sunday.

Thanks for all your patronage to our website, good luck in the Bowl Pick 'Em and stay tuned in the next few days for a new video, as I appeared on NBCSports.com today with NBC super-hottie-blogger Tiffany Simons (on the left in the linked pic, obviously) and totally pwned the guy who writes BurntOrangeNation.com at trivia. Actually, he was a really good dude. Check his blog out in the run up to the Holiday Bowl.

Have a safe and good weekend, and we'll catch up with you next week.

Go Devils!!


flohtingPoint said...

closing the book on a stellar year of sports at Arizona State

Stellar? I thought last basketball season was kinda far from that. Nearly two full months of losses really put a damper on everything. Beating USC to gain our first win in conference was kinda nice though, if only we could find a way to beat them in football =P

Justin said...

Hey but there was optimism! And don't forget about the College World Series, Women's Track indoor AND outdoor national champs, the women's hoops Elite Eight appearance and that 10-2 football season. I'll go with stellar :-D

flohtingPoint said...

Oh man, I just want to forget this past football season even happened... To see frauds like Kansas, the Illini and Hawaii get BCS bowls and have ASU left out in the dark is quite frustrating. Ah well, there is always next year. Lets just hope Rudy Carpenters hand/thumb doesn't become a serious ailment like it became for ol Sam Keller.