Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, that doesn't happen very often.

Remember in 2004, when Matt Miller dropped a pass from Sam Keller at Arizona Stadium? On 4th down, with ASU trailing 34-27 and a trip to the Holiday Bowl on the line?

Arizona felt that pain when Chase Budinger missed a wild three-point attempt with four seconds left and down by three.

This by far is the biggest win for Arizona State men's basketball in decades. You can point to the last win over UA (January of 2002, but noone's counting...), the win over Memphis in the 2003 NCAA tournament or others...but this is a statement.

ASU basketball...god forbid...might just be on the map. See you in the top 25 next week. T.J. will have the in-depth recap for you, and I'll have a column about it over the weekend. I know I haven't chimed in much about basketball yet and I apologize, but in the Holiday Bowl hangover and that pesky subsequent "going to work every day" thing, my posting has slowed down.




Mark said...

What a game. I was at the last "statement" type win over the rats, where it really looked like ASU might really be closing the gap instead of just scoring a lucky upset...and that was as a student in *1994.* Congrats to Herb and the boys for a hard fought victory.

flohtingPoint said...