Saturday, January 26, 2008


It was going to take an extremely gutty performance down the stretch for either ASU or Washington State to pull tonight's game out. In the end, it was the Cougars experience, depth and pinpoint three-point shooting that proved to outmatch the youthful Sun Devils.

Washington State pulled it out 56-55 in a game in which, despite ASU's 2-14 performance from outside the arc, the Devils showed the old grit and hustle we're used to.

That said, I'm disappointed in you.

No, not the team.

I don't care what you think about the questionable no-calls on the few basket interference infractions (the third, by the way, was NOT). I don't care if you think James Harden was fouled on his drive with two seconds left. I don't care if you thought the offensive foul on Harden in the last minute was bush.

Your opinions are your opinions and they're respected. It was a horribly officiated game.


I held my tongue after the USC game when fans littered the south end zone with bottles and other debris after a few questionable calls. I can't do it this time.

If you missed it, a storm of rally towels, cups and water bottles (a few full ones, at that) rained down onto Ned Wulk Court at the end of the game. One of them hit WSU's Kyle Weaver just above the eye and he had to be physically helped off the floor. Another nailed Devan Harmeling on the temple during the handshake line. Kudos to Jeff Pendergraph and several of the bench players who noticed that it had happened and ran over to Weaver to check on his condition.

This is unacceptable behavior, Pitchfork Nation. I LOVED the atmosphere in the building today; in my five years of attending ASU basketball, that was the 2nd loudest I've ever heard it inside Wells Fargo Arena. I want it to be that way during every home game.

But the actions of a few members of our loyal fan base ruined it all at the final horn.

It was a loss. It was terribly officiated. I'm mad too. But you can't do anything about it.

TJ will have the game recap soon.

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