Sunday, March 16, 2008

Await the fate

who's in? who's out?

here's what they are saying...
ASU's chances are about as hard to figure as any for teams that were only guaranteed sleepless hours during the long night before Sunday's 65-team field is announced at 3 p.m. From day to day - even hour to hour, the Sun Devils have fallen in and out of various projected brackets.

"I remain optimistic," Sendek said. "I really do. Most of the voices do, too."

Sendek's confidence was buoyed, even in the wake Thursday of a 59-55 loss to Southern California at the Pac-10 tournament in quarterfinal game that ended in a controversial call - a foul against Jeff Pendergraph - that eliminated any chance at an ASU victory. That night, Sendek returned to Staples Center to watch Stanford beat Arizona, 75-64. Sendek said there was no way he could have stayed in his hotel room. He looked at its four walls and remembered one his favorite films, Papillon. Steve McQueen stars in the 1973 movie as an inmate serving a sentence in a notorious island prison.
"It was either the game or pacing in my room and counting steps like Papillon did in his cell," Sendek said.

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other links of interest today:

Erin Maupin is still a vegetarian and it still takes away from her hotness...

if anything bad happens to you today: walk it off

-Moreno's mom DID make the phonecall-
now espn sticks their nose in the murphy-moreno drama
This last link is a REALLY interesting read^
here are some exerpts:

"To me, Mikel Moreno is what college baseball is all about … Maybe I am harder on him. I see so much in that young man. It's been a pleasure to be around the kid. It's not easy, because he's a great challenge. But I would want him with me in every baseball situation I was ever in." -- Pat Murphy in an interview with The Omaha World-Herald during the 1998 College World Series

"The thing I vividly remember when we lost in '98 to [USC] in the World Series finals, when we came home, we had a team meeting. And Mikel Moreno stood up and said, 'If anyone ever says anything bad about this program, I will hunt him down and find him.' I'm not the only one who remembers that conversation. His exact words were, 'If anyone bites the hand that feeds them, I'll find him.'" -- Willie Bloomquist, now a Seattle Mariners infielder

The lights are about to dim at Winkles Field-Packard Stadium at Brock Ballpark, and Murphy jokingly ponders his place and what Arizona State will someday name after him.
"Murphy's Outhouse," he says. "The Port-A-Potties with my picture on it."
His face turns serious.
"The school … I'm not in the school's favor, you know what I mean?" he says. "I've been through seven athletic director changes. The school, they're trying to find themselves, and they don't need trouble from the baseball coach. I probably talk too much and I probably say my piece too much and am not politically correct enough.
"This athletic director [Lisa Love], she doesn't know how to take me. She doesn't totally trust me. … I think she doesn't see me yet, but that's OK. She's a professional. I've just got to be me."

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