Wednesday, March 12, 2008

news from around "al gore"

Well, time to resurrect good old PFN. With little to no news on this site lately, you would think Sundevils have nothing to cheer for, when in fact, you couldn't be further from the truth. The beginning of the Baseball season was always one of my favorite times of the sporting year at ASU. I mean, the history and tradition of our baseball team is arguably better than any of our other sports, plus we're ranked #1 and this is our second best start in school history. No better place to go get in a few well placed creative, loud, and smart heckles out of your system than 201 S Packard Dr. Just don't cheer too loud or the security will kick you out and you'll have to write a three page paper on the topic of "why rules are important." Yes I am a little bitter... assholes.

ITO: "Will the defendant rise"
CROW: "Me the judge, jury, and prosecutor find the defendant, Nick Saia, guilty of sitting in an empty seat at packard stadium not intended for students. You are here by sentenced to 6 months behavioral probation and required to complete a 3 page paper on why rules are important."

apparently I may have not been the only one breaking rules at the time... Lets hope I was.

Arizona State has begun an internal investigation into allegations of academic fraud and recruiting violations in its top-ranked baseball program.

Former player and team manager Mikel Moreno told the East Valley Tribune he had made the allegations to university officials, who launched the investigation.

let the rumor train start rolling...

one more piece of bad news... a new bachelor is back and ready to make the rounds. He recently reserved a table at axis radius and two bottles of Grey Goose

(deep breath)
now the good news

Lute might not like what he sees when he comes back. "MY EMPIRE IS CRUMBLING!" His team is now the #2 team in Arizona and his rivals, (us) received some great news today: James Harden will return for his sophmore season. [EVT]

Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good PAC10 tournament showing this weekend and a possible selection to the big tourney. WWHSD? whatever DE does... dominate


RicoMarquez said...

haha great post. and good photoshops. Really looks like Crow is giving Ito "the old reach around." keep it up.

Cox said...

But what is a p-hine???