Thursday, July 3, 2008

Coach Erickson REALLY Doesn't Like Camp T

Old time Sun Devil fans...set your face to stunned.

People who like might want to find some other recreational activites to do during your usual planned week to follow preseason ASU football.

The era of ASU's training at Camp Tontozona is pretty much long as DE is at the helm, at least.

It has been no secret from the start that Dennis Erickson wasn't the biggest fan of taking the team to Camp T, which has been a staple of the Sun Devils preseason training camp since the days of Frank Kush.

The preseason practice schedule was released today, and it included the following:

Friday, August 15: Depart for Camp Tontozona, 4:15 PM
Satudray, August 16: Traditional Scrimmage, 11:15-1:45 PM
Depart for Tempe, 3:15 PM

One day. Not even one day. 1/2 a day. One scrimmage. The tradition is over.

Granted, it's DE's decision what he wants to do with his team during August. It's especially easier to train in Tempe since the Dennis Dome (that's right, I'm calling it the Dennis Dome from here on out) was erected, making practicing in the summer heat actually tolerable.


Nick Saia (usa) said...

baby steps...

Aaron said...

I loved Camp T, went there every year. I sure will miss it. As cool as the "Dennis Dome" looks driving by, Camp T had the history and tradition.