Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do they teach students to use condoms at U of A?

Because if they do, Lance Briggs obviously missed that class. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the 27-year old Bears linebacker and former Wildcat reportedly has three kids with three different women, although he is denying that he even knows one of the mothers. This is the same guy who reported his lamborgini stolen after crashing it and leaving the scene, after all:

Tribbett's attorney, Enrico Mirabelli, argued that in a sworn deposition, Briggs denied knowing Yesenaya Toledo, a 20-year-old Chicago woman due to deliver a baby this summer.

But, Mirabelli charged, Briggs is providing Toledo with cash, and Mirabelli said he wants perjury charges to be considered against Briggs for denying he knows Toledo. Mirabelli said he mispronounced Toledo's first name during the deposition, leading Briggs to say he didn't know that person.

The new blog Athletes Making Babies took more issues with the baby mommas than with Lance Briggs:
There is so much bullshit coming from both sides, it's ridiculous ... but I have more a beef with the baby mothers ...

Where's the self-respect? Where's the self-worth? Where's the idea of protecting yourself? So what if you don't produce a baby... you could possibly produce the clap. This ain't the 50s people. Pregnancy is not the only casualty of the raw. There are too many sexually transmitted infections out here for anyone to be dropping their seed in people like this.

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