Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Midweek Roundup

Mary Tillman, author of Boots on the Ground By Dusk, opens up to NPR about her own investigation into Pat's death. (audio clip: 7 min, 19 sec.)

Baseball dropped a game on the road to a mediocre Kansas State team last night. They try to rebound against a very formidable Wichita State team, who is looking for a big win to secure a spot hosting a regional.

Adam Archuleta was released by the Bears yesterday. (Chicago Sun Times)

A profile inside the life of ASU football recruiting coordinator Matt Lubick (Post Magazine)

Baseball assistant coach Tim Esmay talks academics with Kevin McCabe (Audio: The Fan AM 1060)

USC was docked two basketball scholarships due to the APR report. I'm sure Lil Romeo can pay his own tuition. (LA Times)

If you think that is bad, Wazzou is losing 8 football scholarships (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Byron Scott accepts his NBA Coach of the Year Award and does a Q and A (

Miles Simon finds out that Lute Olson is really good at this whole divorce thing. (Tucson Citizen)

Al Michaels could be replacing Bryant Gumbel at the NFL Network (Newsday)

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