Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Regardless of what you may have have heard...

...I'm not dead.

Which is a good thing. But having a full time job really takes away from having time to blog and stuff. Maybe I should just make this my full time job.

Anyway, hope you've been enjoying what has been a tremendous baseball season in Tempe. It's obviously not over, so keep cheering on our Devils.

I'm back here, though, because we're only 102 days away from ASU's opening night of football, and it's never too early to start talking pigskin.

I'll be starting my 2008 season preview soon. First will come previews of all of ASU's 2008 opponents including podcast interviews with people who cover each team. Over the summer, we'll have our 2nd year of in-depth position-by-position previews of this years Sun Devils.

Thanks for making PFN your source of ASU news and analysis!


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