Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bulldog Fans Setting up Shop at Bison Witches

Word from Georgia Sports Blog is that Bison Witches has been secured as being a headquarters for Bulldog fans:
In preparation for the big event in September, I have secured a "home base" for us in Tempe. The owners of Bison Witches Bar* (21 E. 6th St, Tempe) have graciously offered to host the UGA fans for the weekend of GA vs ASU.

They are located in downtown Tempe within 5 blocks of Sundevil Stadium. They are going to be decked out in GA gear and will be serving fabulous food and drinks all weekend long. Please tell your friends and family to make Bison Witches the "Georgia Bar" of choice!!!

Thanks for your support and as always, GO DAWGS!
With the intense heat we've seen in late September even towards the evening, it's not a real surprise that Georgia fans would find a bar for refuge. Originating in Tucson, Bison Witches is considered a U of A bar right in the heart of Sun Devil country, so this gives ASU fans another reason to either avoid this place or show up post game to do even more heckling than usual. With how dominant ASU athletics has been over the Wildcats, maybe this choice of bars will prove to be bad luck for Georgia. But now I'm just getting superstitious.

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sundevbiz said...

let em have it. it is a crappy bar off mill. Id rather they all hang out there and let the devils own mill where the fun bars are