Thursday, June 5, 2008

NMSU Head Coach Rocky Ward talks with CBB about Tempe Super Regional

As a part of their Super Regional Preview, The College Baseball Blog interviewed NMSU Coach Rocky Ward and got his thoughts on Fresno State's ability to pull the upset this weekend in Tempe:

Sam Wasson: What are Fresno State’s chances against the #3 national seed
Arizona State?
Rocky Ward: I think it’s good for them because they haven’t
played them. Arizona State has a lot of tradition but they have as much year to
year tradition against Fresno. They won’t know Fresno very well. I think that
Fresno will have a pretty decent advantage from that standpoint. Sometimes when
the teams don’t know each other very well the lower ranked team on paper has a
little bit of an advantage because sometimes they have a little bit more
motivation, they’re a little hungrier. It’s going to be the same type of things.
When you’ve got a lower ranked opponent playing at a host’s facility game one is
absolutely imperative. They have to win game one. If they win game one I think
it makes it a 50/50 shot for them.

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