Saturday, June 28, 2008

This One's For The Dawgs

As the circle of dog life gives and takes, a key member of the Georgia Bulldogs will not be making the trip to Tempe this year.

ESPN is reporting that Uga VI, the sixth bulldog mascot at the University of Georgia, died last night due to congestive heart failure. Frank Seiler, the owner of Uga VI, said that his dog, the "most winning of all Uga's" by win percentage, began breathing heavily and then passed away.

Georgia AD Damon Evans says "it's a sad day for the entire Bulldog nation."

You know, until they find an Uga VII. I have to say, I do appreciate how they use roman numerals to name their mascots, almost (but not quite) as cool as Super Bowls.

It's T-84 days and counting until the Georgia/ASU match-up, and here's to hoping Uga VII will be prowling on Frank Kush Field and doesn't treat Rudy Carpenter like this poor Auburn soul:

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