Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jason Simmons and Ahman Green fulfill promise

Finally some good publicity for the NFL. You might have heard this story already, but I'll post it here again because its worth repeating. Running back Ahman Green, formerly #30 for the Green Bay Packers, came to the Houston Texans and wanted to still wear his same number, which was owned by safety Jason Simmons, a former Sun Devil. When star players come to new teams, they will usually buy the number they want from the player who owns it, either a cash donation, or sometimes will pay for the other player to take his family on vacation, since the player buying the number from the other player usually makes significantly more money. Ahman Green came to Jason Simmons and asked him what he wanted for the number. Simmons didn't want anything for himself, but did want Ahman Green to open his checkbook. Nick Scurfield of has the full details on the story.

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