Saturday, July 28, 2007

A playoff system will never happen. Thanks, Pac-10.

So much for that whole BCS playoff system idea. Matt Hayes of reports that Tom Hansen, the comissioner of the Pac-10 says the the Pac-10 will leave the BCS if a playoff system is put in place in favor of the traditional bowl games. Hansen and the Pac-10 join the Big Ten as open critics of a playoff system, wanting to keep the tradition of the Rose Bowl, which would be lost in a playoff system. Every Pac-10 team plays each other once, so whoever comes out of the conference with the best record deserves to be in the Rose Bowl with a shot at the national title. So the next time ESPN insists on playing a week long segment on "What would happen if a playoff system were in place," you're wasting your time watching, because its much further away than we thought.

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