Monday, July 30, 2007

Looking over the ASU football jerseys for sale.

Looking over the Sun Devils team store, it looks like they're only offering the same jerseys they offered last season, #12 (Carpenter) in maroon , #24 (Herring) in maroon and white, and #3 (Burgess) maroon jerseys in adult, youth and toddler sizes. The team store on the Pac-10 website sells a #26 (Torain) maroon youth jersey. I would probably buy a #26 maroon adult size jersey if they had it, so I guess I'll still be wearing my white #86 that I bought two seasons ago, which is now worn by freshman wide reciever T.J. Simpson. Here's to Simpson being a freshman All-American.

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Scott said...

ASU needs to do a better job of promoting its athletes. We should have at least 5 jerseys available, and certainly the jersey of our top performer, Torain, from last year.