Monday, July 30, 2007

No C.A.T.S. Left Behind

John Moredich of the Tucson Citizen published a piece today about how the University of Arizona now has 70 tutors to help out the football program, while last year they only had 30. Stoops is looking to increase the team GPA of 2.37 from last season through the Commitment to an Athlete's Total Success (C.A.T.S.), cute. I'm all for students getting help outside the classroom, but how is there going to be legitimate oversight for this operation? I'm not sure what our situation is at Arizona State regarding tutors for athletes and how many there are of them, but 70 tutors for one team? Scott Olin Schmidt of AOL NCAA Fanhouse also has a take on the story. If you readers know anything about ASU's current tutoring program and how it compares to this new system U of A is putting in place, please leave a comment.

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Charlie Turner Thorne's Thong said...

I can't wait for UA in Tempe this year. It is going to be a madhouse.