Friday, December 12, 2008

Off-Topic: HS Sports on Chopping Block in NorCal

Totally off topic, but I feel that a story I've been chasing over the past 48 hours merits all the attention it can get.

I grew up in the Bay Area, and obviously, sports were a big part of my upbringing. That goes without saying. I competed for my high school teams as the majority of you probably did and cut my teeth in journalism by covering high school sports throughout California.

With today's economic woes, everyone is trying to cut corners. An 11-school high school district in San Jose, CA is now going about it the entirely wrong way. The East Side Union High School District passed a tentative budget last night cutting the entire $2.1 million athletic budget for all 11 schools, in effect, cutting every sports program.

It's not quite set in stone that it will happen, but if the economic climate for these schools, most located in run-down areas of San Jose, does not improve quickly...thousands of potentially at-risk students will be without the programs that keep many of them off the streets and out of trouble.

You can follow the story at my other blog, Beyond The Scoreboard. I'm trying to build attention to it down here in the Valley because this kind of situation is possible anywhere, and I'll be damned to see it happen here in Phoenix.

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