Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walter's Records Are Safe, Folks

I know it's pretty much a moot point, but it's at least worth bringing up right now as I try to wake up on this Wednesday morning.

I'm sure you've all noticed on the right sidebar, among all the useful schedules, polls and other information, that we've been tracking all year Rudy Carpenter's attempt to break Andrew Walters ASU and Pac-10 records for passing yards and touchdowns.

It's taken a lot of work for a guy who hasn't taken math since his senior year of high school. Adding and subtracting were never my strong suits, despite the fact that I can compute a pitcher's ERA or a goalie's GAA in seconds.

Anyway, as you can see, going into the Arizona game, Rudy needs 463 yards to break A-Dub's career passing yardage record.

Anything is possible obviously; Rudy has popped off before, but it's the longest of long shots for RC, in a season where he and his receivers have struggled mightily to matriculate the ball down the field, to drop 450+ on the UofA secondary.

And to just state the obvious, it's an even more staggering low percentage that he drops 8 TD passes on the Wildcats. Duh.

So, even though AW's pro career has stumbled at the Oakland Raiders Summer Camp For Kids Who Can't Read Good, his records in Tempe are safe.


Scott said...

Walter's touchdown total is probably safe, but his yardage total may not be - at least if the Devils come out of Tucson with a win. That would give him two games where his average per game would break the school record. Of course, that's predicated on the offense and coaching not sucking as much as it did versus UCLA and the team going bowling.

Nick Saia (usa) said...

rudy carpenter sucks