Friday, December 19, 2008

We've Been Stiffarmed So Far

Granted, it's only been two days since my pursuit of information began, but all things considered, I feel kind of like Reggie Torbor in that picture.

Marshawn Lynch, on the other hand, would be Louisiana-Monroe AD Bobby Staub.

Earlier this week, we brought you analysis on the Warhawks releasing their 2009 football schedule, the one that included a curious September 19 game against Arizona State in Tempe.

It's now even on their 2009 schedule page. On a side note, that's a hell of a NC schedule with trips to Austin and Lexington in addition to this game in Tempe.

On the other hand, the Future Schedules page on the ASU website still lists September 19 as an open date.

Earlier this week, on a journalistic and curious quest for honest information, I sent Mr. Staub an e-mail to the address that's listed under the ULM athletic staff directory.

To the time of this post, I've been given the cyber Heisman. No contact, no e-mail back, not even a shred of a response.

I understand of Mr. Staub is busy; what athletic director isn't?; but I really haven't asked him for a whole lot of his time. I only asked him to address four questions in his e-mail, to the effect of...

1) Is it set in stone that ULM will be playing ASU on September 19?
2) Did ULM approach ASU for the game or vice versa?
3) What makes ASU an attractive opponent for the Warhawks?
4) Do you think ULM fans will travel to Tempe for the game?

And all things considered, the first two questions can be answered with one word each, or two if he chose to go with "No comment." Wouldn't have even minded that.

Probably would have even preferred the interactive Punch In The Face e-mail that Peter Griffin got from Carter Pewterschmidt in an old episode of Family Guy (and if anyone can find that cilip, e-mail it to, because I just wasted 10 minutes trying to find it myself).

Either way, I'd still love to get Bobby's answers to my questions on the mere fact that I'd just like to know who our Devils are actually playing, especially because the official line from the football program is that they "can't deny" there are talks about schedule alterations going on.

By the way, good point from Dan Zeiger of the Tribune, pointing out that the idea that the ASU/BYU game was to be played at University of Phoenix Stadium is a total farce considering the acrimonious relationship the teams shared when they both played at Sun Devil Stadium.

Which leads to a total side note about my favorite exchange between a security guard and a normal person, which took place right after ASU beat Iowa in 2004:

Security Guard: Hey! Get off the goalposts!
My Buddy: Why?
Security Guard: The Cardinals are playing here tomorrow!

My Buddy: They don't need them!

(exit flashback)

The story takes a more sensible turn if BYU comes to an agreement with Oklahoma to play next year in Dallas. If this all comes back to the Cougars wanting to reschedule the game aganist ASU because they found themselves a better opponent, then more power to Brigham Young.

Regardless, it's still curious that Louisiana-Monroe would come out with this kind of info before an opponent confirms it or at least coincidentally releases it, especially if the BYU/Oklahoma game is not yet scheduled in stone.

Either way, stay tuned. To keep you entertained in the meantime, you can read up on ULM here. Fun fact: they have a kick-ass water skiing program!


TrickDaddy said...

Hey guys, long time no post. Is the blog defunct?

Justin said...

Heck no. We're back. Thanks for sticking.