Tuesday, December 16, 2008

While Kennard Watch 2009 rolls on, I am here to illustrate my excitement over another high school senior who has already said "I Do" to Dennis Erickson and Co.

Four-star recruit Jamal Miles from Peoria committed to ASU on Dec. 13.

I covered the 4A Division I quarterfinal game the article mentions, a contest in which Miles scored four touchdowns and ran for 203 yards. He has great feet and his field vision is very impressive. His most impressive run in that game was a 50-yard scamper in which he ran straight up the middle and was able to skate by every Millenium defender untouched.

With such an unstable running back corps last year, I think Miles may have the opportunity to make an immediate impact in the ASU backfield. Miles, who hails from departing senior Keegan Herring's high school, has tools similar to No. 24's, though from what I saw appears to be more of a vertical runner.
Photo Credit: David Wallace, Arizona Republic

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