Thursday, September 20, 2007

First post in 5 days:

Hey everyone, sorry this blog hasn't been updated in a few days. School is doing a number on me. Anyways, sat in the student section until about halfway through the 4th quarter for the San Diego State game. These first three games in the student section have just felt like we're watching an exhibition. The opposing teams have been so awful that it looks like we're just playing our scout team in the pre season scrimmage. When penalties occur, Erickson steps out on to the field acting mad at the world, and its a lot of theater. I just wonder if we're taking these home games way too lightly and that we're going to be in for a surprise against Oregon State and other Pac-10 squads.

So now for some observations.

Most impressed by:

1. Robert James, if he keeps it up he could be invited to The Home Depot Awards. True story.
2. Jones, Williams and McGaha. Better than advertised.
3. Troy Nolan 2 picks, 1 for SIX.
4. Ryan and Keegan, taking a lot of pressure off of Rudy
5. The Offensive Line

Indifferent About:

1. Rudy. Throws some pinpoint passes that take 7 seconds to get to a receiver 30 yards away.
2. Personal Fouls. It's practically preseason, stop having a damn tizzy every time a penalty is called DE.
3. Nate Kimbrough. You always hear that it takes 18 months to fully recover from an ACL tear. Well, it's been less than a year for Nate, so hopefully he can impress by the end of Pac-10 play.
4. Justin Tryon. Looking good early with 12 tackles, but can he cover DeSean Jackson when we need him?

Least impressed by:

1. Josh Barrett...3 tackles in 3 games. 14 players on the team have more tackles than him. We've all heard he's got NFL speed and will dominate at the combine, but you've gotta get invited first, and 1 tackle a game just isn't going to do it.
2. The student section. Freaking step it up.
3. Brent Miller; the Ozzie Canseco of ASU football.
4. Tempe Beer Nazis, I mean Police. Stop harassing fans at the tailgates. Stick to what you're good making black dudes rap to get out of littering tickets:

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Devil1461 said...

Barrett, has been bothered by a pect. problem. This could be a reason. Nevertheless, he hasn't been around the ball to make it worse!

Two names to add to least impressed:
C. Baloney, taken to the cleaners in the CU game. Stupid penalities as well.
P. Fanakia, how many holding call and how many motion penalities in three games so far?