Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justin Tryon being targeted by gay blogs

If you remember back in May, and how could you forget, Allison Stokke was all the rage on the sports blogosphere and probably led to a decrease in productivity in most cubicles around America. Well, it looks like Sun Devil cornerback Justin Tryon is getting the same type of attention as Stokke, and it's also from men. That's right, a couple of gay men's blogs located here and here have targeted Tryon as eye candy. If anything, read some of the comments from the first link for a good laugh. And if you ask how I found this stuff, I will use the Carpenter defense and say "I don't f***ing know." The blogs failed to note that Justin Tryon is having a great season so far for the Devils, with 16 tackles and a pick which he returned for 44 yards. My opinion is, I'm just glad Justin Tryon is running track so maybe this year he can keep up with Cal's receiving corps unlike last year:

After all of that, I'll treat the loyal Sun Devil faithful to a healthy dose of Stokke. By the way, I'm in Hayden library on the ASU campus right now, and right when I was uploading the picture of Stokke a female security guard came up behind me asking me for my ID. Little awkward.

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