Friday, September 7, 2007

Opponents Notebook 9/7

It doesn't look like Colorado linebacker Michael Sipili is going to get his suspension lifted in time to get down to Tempe, as he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault yesterday. Probably a good idea to keep this guy as far away from Mill Avenue as possible.

Oregon State couldn't get anything going against Cincinnati last night, getting embarrassed 34-3.

Even with the blowout loss to UCLA, it's still way too soon to predict how Stanford will fare under the tutelage of Jim Harbaugh.

Wazzou Safety Terry Mixon has left the team.
The Cougars face San Diego State this weekend, which will be a good test as to whether the team goes 1-11 or 0-12.

Washington's Jake Locker has vowed to pull a Babe Ruth on Saturday, promising a boy with an inoperable brain tumor that he'll point to him when he scores his first touchdown. The Huskies face Boise State this weekend, so Locker should get the chance to make a score.

Cal Tailback Justin Forsett is looking forward to showing off his skills at 5,000 feet when the Bears travel to Colorado State this weekend.

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