Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Bass!

For many, this news falls into the category of "It's About Time!"

At this point though, in my mind, how much will it really help?

Last night, Dennis Erickson told the gathered media that he's thinking of giving freshman phenom RB Ryan Bass more carries. It's something that a lot of fans clamored for and I secretly hoped would happen, but only for the fact that ASU wasn't redshirting him.

In my mind, if he's not going to burn his redshirt, it's of no use to keep him sitting on the sidelines. He only had carried the ball eight times going into the Oregon game, and all of those carries came in garbage time.

It goes without saying that the running game needs a jump. There are crooked numbers, but 117 is one of the most crooked of them all. That's the Sun Devils' national rank in YPG on the ground. So obviously, this will be some sort of a shot in the arm?


Or will Bass just get a pounding because this offensive line can't open up a big enough hole for Eddie Gaedel to run through? Even with sparkplug Keegan Herring back on the field, starting and seemingly as healthy as could be expected, the Sun Devils got nothing going on the ground.

Guess it will be a wait and see. It might actually be a good game to get Ryan more touches; Oregon State gives up an average of 126 rushing yards per game.

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Scott Jones said...

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of Bass, but I'm sorry, there's just no way you can call him a "freshman phenom" when he hasn't carried the ball even 20 times or gained even a 100 yards in the entire season. He also has a long way to go on his blocking skills...his whiffs have lead to more than one sack. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for him to get more time than Nance these days, and I sure hope he becomes a phenom, but he certainly hasn't come close to earning that title just yet.