Friday, October 31, 2008

Off Topic: For Once, I Guess I'm Wrong

Every once in a while, I'm allowed to be wrong.

Not factually, of course. Well, maybe sometimes.


Earlier this week during the Pac-10 Roundtable, I voiced my thoughts on who would be the frontrunners to take over the job at U-Dub, and I said my two top contenders were Jim Mora, Jr. and the lovable and often quotable Lane Kiffin.

Well, scratch Mora from that list.

Obviously after seeing his name on PFN, which of course is the most popular web site on these her internets, he told reporters through a mouthpiece of the Seattle Seahawks that he's not going to be the next head coach of the Washington Huskies.


Well, I still want Kiffin to get the job, so that one day, Washington athletic director Scott Woodward can detail, projector and all, why Lane's getting fired for cause.

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