Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Munns absence is another ASU mystery

There have been plenty of question marks around Arizona State so far this season.

How severe, really, has Keegan Herring's hamstring injury been?

Why hasn't the coaching staff been able to find an alternative in the running game?

Why do the Sun Devils all of a sudden have trouble blocking on special teams?

Well, as if the team needed any more questions, we now bring you the stunning loss of Gerald Munns. We found out on Monday that Munns would miss the Cal game due to personal reasons, but now we find out this morning that those personal reasons will keep the starting linebacker out for the remainder of 2008.

We respect confidentiality obviously, but there's definitely curiosity around why Munns is gone for the year. He didn't play against UNLV due to pinky surgery and he, like most of his fellow linebackers, was completely ineffective against Georgia. But now, out of nowhere, he's gone for the year.

The only thing that we can hope for is that he gets his personal matters, whatever they are, in order for his own sake. Munns has a lot of raw talent and has the ability to be a very good defensive player.

Luckily for ASU, Morris Wooten should be back in his groove in his second game back from suspension and Shelley Lyons will be able to jump in with more PT in the long terms. But there's still the mental hit of losing a starter for the year to deal with.

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