Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pitchfork Podcast...The 2-5 Edition

PFN caught up with Todd and Brett from The Stretch on The Blaze 1260 AM last night...and like usual...definitely not a lack of things to talk about.

We caught up on such topics as the Saturday night loss to Oregon, the Devils lack of opportunism, a very (VERY) early look at 2009 and our first discussion preceding ASU basketball season.

By the way, it should be known that there is some breaking news in the world of the Pac-10 Blogdome. Apparently, at some strategical point last night, our buddies at California Golden Blogs launched a bloodless coup on Addicted to Quack and are now the owners of the Pac-10 Roundtable and most likely now assume the throne at the Pac-10 Square Table.

So, this week, you'll see the changes...um...a much more lighthearted look at what's up in the Pac as we all finally realize that the conference is terrible.

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