Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NCAA Reprimands Muprh, Wally and Ike

For whatever it's worth, the NCAA finally reacted to the debacle that occured at Packard Stadium before Game 3 of the Super Regionals against Fresno State this past May.

We all saw the video and communally thought, "What the hell?"

Apparently, so did the people in charge of college sports.

"There is no question that the actions of the three individuals constitute misconduct as defined in the NCAA bylaws," said Jeff Schemmel, NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet chair. "In addition, the public nature of the incident justifies the assessment of a public reprimand."

However, no other penalties were assesed to ASU in reaction to the staged melee between Brett Wallace and Ike Davis before the Devils lost 12-9 to the Bulldogs in the elimination game.

So basically, Mr. Schemmel grabbed the nearest rolled up newspaper and smacked the Sun Devils on the nose while repeating, "NO."

We're all on record here of thinking that what Murphy, Wallace and Davis conspired to do before the elimination game was ridiculous. I still don't think that it was a matter for the NCAA to step in and place sanctions on the program, but still, it makes the organization look silly if their only action is to reprimand the team through a public statement.

Just more proof that sometimes, the NCAA is full of jokers.

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