Thursday, August 28, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: ASU Facility Destroyed in Storm

I've received three separate phone calls and countless text messages over the past 30 minutes regarding the Dennis Dome.

If you're in Tempe, for the love of god, stay inside. One giant storm has already passed through with 70 MPH winds and hurricane-style rain and another one is on its way. This is the worst monsoon storm I've seen in 6 years of living in Arizona.

More importantly, several reports are trickling into me that the bubble has sustained "major, major damage" in tonight's storm. The $9 million indoor facility just opened a month ago.

Stay tuned, I'll try to cull as much info as possible, which might be hard at this time of night.

PS: Lyle Moevao SUCKS.

Update #1: Here's some video from the storm from what looks like just outside Manzanita Hall.

Update #2 (1:37 AM): Just got back from surveying the scene. Pictures soon. Debris is strewn throughout Rural Road and Rio Salado Boulevard. Trees are down, making navigation almost impossible. One thing is clear though. The dome is GONE. GONE.


Ed O said...

Glad to know that Manzy still hosts the "finest" of ASU women...

You stay classy, Manzanita

Ty Webb said...

15 floors of whores!