Friday, August 22, 2008

FSN Arizona goes Olympics on everyone's ass

Watching tape delayed Summer Olympic action from Beijing has been thrilling. Or something.

Speaking of tape delay, FSN Arizona has decided that it's time to party like its 1994.

Our regional sports network, which has given us such gems of television genius as the one pictured to the left, has decided to everyone's delight that they'll be showing the ASU/NAU game. I'm sure it'll be Trey Bender (no, not THIS Bender) calling the game. I've worked with Trey, and he really does know his stuff.

Except for one problem: The D'Backs have a FAIRLY important game that evening against division rival Los Angeles and the network has Washington/Oregon as the national excruciatingly-late-night-for-people-on-the-East-Coast game of the week.

So here's what's up: If the Diamondbacks game get's wrapped up by kickoff (which wont happen), then the game goes in its entirety live. When the Snakes/Dodgers game runs past 7:00 PM, the tape delay begins, and the ASU game still will be broadcast in its entirety, just immediately after Arizona finishes up at Chase Field. The game may get pushed back by a few minutes if the game is remarkably quick, but will kick off "no later than 7:22 PM."

So we've got that going for us. Which is nice.

After that, Washington/Oregon will then run on tape delay, and frankly, I'm going to stay up and watch that one in it's entirety because it may end up being the most interesting game of the weekend.

I guess it's better than nothing, especially because I'm sure the game will get rerun on FCS throughout the country (Cox 170-172 here in the Valley) and Devils fans throughout America will get to see it.

Photo Credit: FSN Arizona


Devilish Ideas said...

Hey Justin!

Do you know if there's anyway I can see the game online? I am right now in India and have been looking to see if there's any sopcast links out there without success. Or I'd be stuck to following the game score online I guess. Pity is I am not even able to access cactus ranch from here (all ips seem to be blocked) to post this question! :-)

Any help will be appreciated by this devil! :-D

To a great season ahead...Go Devils!

Justin said...

Unless you've got a Slingbox, you might be out of luck. Your best bet is to listen to the game on the Sun Devil Sports Network website. As far as I know, FSN doesn't stream games.

I know that you usually have to pay for the SDSN feed, so if you want it for free, the ASU campus station that I worked at for four years streams their game broadcasts's a last resort, but its at