Sunday, August 17, 2008

Injuries Concerning

Justin mentioned the other day his concern over the amount of time Keegan Herring was missing with a nagging shoulder injury. There are other injuries along the offense that might have Sun Devil fans holding their breaths.

It's not so much that Chris McGaha is missing some practice time that is mildly concerning, but rather the injury itself. Playing at a position where the ability to cut and stop on a dime is instrumental, a lingering toe injury is a receiver's worst nightmare. McGaha had surgery on the toe in April so I hope that this isn't something that is going to nag him all year. The junior has proved he is tough as nails so I don't think anything will keep him out of the lineup, but let's hope he doesn't have to play every down with a bum toe.

Also, with a line as green as it is this year, keeping players along the offensive front healthy is going to be crucial to the Devil's success. Center Thomas Altieri took some reps with the first team over the weekend after missing a few days recovering from a concussion and he will need to be healthy because even if he doesn't win the starting job over redshirt freshman Garth Gerhart, his depth will still be needed up front.

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