Friday, August 29, 2008

UPDATE: Dennis Dome suffers up to $1 million in damage

ASU Media Relations got in touch with me this morning with an update on the condition of the ASU Practice Facility.

Overhead shots of the dome this morning on Channel 3 show what we learned overnight: the dome has been comlpetely deflated and pieces of the fabric and insulation are strewn about ASU.

According to the Sun Devils media relations office, the main damage to the structure was to the fabric dome that makes up the bubble itself. As you can see from last night's pictures, pieces of it were blown as far away as Packard Stadium.

Repairs to the dome will "cost between $900,000 and $1 million."

There is currently no timeframe to repair the damages. One thing is certain: ASU will not use the facility for the remainder of the 2008 season. ASU officials will meet with contractors in the near future to figure out what to do to rectify the situation.

On a personal note, I've lived in Arizona since 2003 and experienced my first monsoon storm the day after I moved here. That was by far the most violent storm I've seen here by far. North Tempe looks like a war zone, with downed trees and other debris littering the streets. If you're moving around in that area, please practice extreme caution.

Major thanks to the great people at ASU for getting us the facts so we can pass them along to you.

Quick on-the-field update: The Republic is reporting that Keegan Herring is now a game-time decision for tomorrow's opener against Northern Arizona. It was reported earlier that he'd most likely miss the game, but DE said "he's feeling better."


Ty Webb said...

Dear, Ira Fulton
Its great to see your donations at work, huh?

Manny Stiles said...

I saw the damage for myself and it made me feel better after comparing it to the damage done to my roof.

This was by far the worst monsoon storm - as well as season - I've ever seen here. My neighborhood looks like a war zone and a landscaper's nightmare.

I'm sure U of Aers are having fun with their "ASU blows" jokes, but thank God no one was seriously hurt.

BTW - my assessment - It's going to cost more than $1 million. I talked to some workers at the site and they were half giggling and half weeping about the matter. The site wasn't completed yet.

I feel bad for ASU for the bad luck and sort of have to giggle at their incompetence/karmic retribution at work.

How long until Love is dismissed? Crying one day there's no money to keep certain sports one moment, blowing $10 mil on a PRACTICE facility for an underachieving 'football' team the next.

Is this a "curse" at work?