Thursday, September 25, 2008

Devils waking up

While a week without a game is, indeed, rather unexciting, my time spent at practice this week has been the most entertaining of the season.

While technically the practices in full pads are supposed to be without tackling, most members of the team having ignored that memo this week as big hits have been plentiful. Even last week in preparation for Georgia, practices just weren't sharp. This week, though, has been a different situation entirely.

Players comfortable in their roles on the team suddenly realize they will have to work to keep them and the desperation has led to an increased intensity level. The biggest battle for a position has been at right tackle where Adam Tello's struggles have left the coaching staff looking elsewhere for answers.

Redshirt freshman Matt Hustad and junior Tom Njunge are compteting for the position. Hustad has been sidelined by injury this season has the ability to play both inside and outside on the line. Erickson suggested Wednesday that Tello could move to the inside which would create more depth on the line.

Maybe the team has regained some swagger; it can't hurt to have it's mouthpiece back. Senior running back Keegan Herring has participated fully in practice this week and his mouth is making up for lost time. The Sun Devils hope to have Herring back for the Cal contest.

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