Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday Viewing Guide

Sorry it's a little late. The day job sometimes gets in the way of blogging. Too bad "professional blogger" isn't a profession that pays the bills.

Speaking of TV viewing, I turned my TV on a few minutes ago and it was left on ESPN U. Upon the picture coming on, the first thing I see is Derek Hagan's inadvertent hook and ladder interception to Kevin Ellison vs. USC in 2005. The U was showing the game in it's entirety.

At least it was kind of cool to hear Keith Jackson. Miss that guy. "Woahhh nelly...Dame Fate just smacked A-State in the nose" is a pretty classic line, regardless if it was about the Sun Devils.

It's never a bad day when you get to sneak a Moey Mutz picture on PFN though.

I hope this isn't an omen. Yikes.

The Morning Slate
California at Maryland (9:00 AM, ESPN): Is Cal as good as they've looked early on? They wont get much of a challenge out of the Terrapins, but it'll be a good chance to start to work out the kinks.

Florida Atlantic at Michigan State (9:00 AM, ESPN2): The only time you'll ever see the Owls on this list, but Rusty Smith is actually a pretty damn good quarterback. It'll be the only time this season you'll get to see him before FAU gets to a bowl game.

During Your Tailgate
Georgia at South Carolina (12:30 PM, CBS): Not only is CBS back on the college train (they've got the best broadcasts by far) but it's our last chance to check out Georgia before they pack up and head to Tempe next week. Some people think UNLV is a trap game for us. Georgia better watch their backs with Chris Smelley throwing.

Oregon at Purdue (12:30 PM, ABC): Just like Cal, it's a chance to see a Pac-10 foe on the road. It'll be interesting to see how much Jeremiah Johnson has recovered from his shoulder injury and how their defense can contain Curtis Painter, one of the best passers in the nation.

UCLA at Brigham Young (12:30 PM, Versus): That channel that shows that weird sport with sticks and pucks on ice has this one. UCLA is back on the field to prove the comeback win over Tennessee wasn't a fluke. BYU is out to do the same thing about the near upset at Washington.

Set the Tivo!
Ohio State at USC (5:00 PM, ABC). Do I really need to explain? If I do, here's the link to a site you actually belong on. Beanie Wells is out, and at some casinos in Vegas, that now makes the Trojans a stunning 12 point favorite.