Thursday, September 11, 2008

Opponent's Notebook: Week 3

Luckily for the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle, they get to hang around for a little while longer! Plus, this week, extra special coverage of Hippiegate 2008: The Tree Removal Extravaganza!

Highlights of this week's notebook...a guy named Starr is done for the year...Knowshon's flying leap...the Collision at the Coliseum (worst tagline EVER)...Hurricane Ike moves WSU...and the Haka!

UNLV Rebels (September 13) The official press release Kind of off topic, but the UNLV Web Site is hosting a live chat with former Sun Devil guard Kevin Kruger on Friday!
Las Vegas Review-Journal: They don't cover the team much, but even the RJ knows that the key to beating ASU is giving Rudy a beating of his own.
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Somewhere, Tim Healey is breathing a sigh of relief. He will not have to call this guys name.

Georgia Bulldogs (September 20) HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU DEFEND THIS?? Georgia's got the 3rd most alums in the NFL presently. Miami is still #1, somehow.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Matt Stafford doesn't like to watch the game film from last year's South Carolina game.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: This might actually be the biggest blessing for Arizona State - Georgia is having trouble pressing quarterbacks.
Athens Banner-Herald: The Dogs know their offense will have their first real test this weekend.

California Golden Bears (October 4) Zack Follett was a little overlooked during that blowout of WSU but definitely earned this honor.
Oakland Tribune: The tree sitters that even perenially mocked sportscaster Brent Musberger even ridiculed finally were brought down and thrown in jail. The were there for 648 days.
Oakland Tribune: Now that the trees are gone, the new athletic facility can FINALLY be started.
Oakland Tribune: Maryland might be coming off of an embarrassing loss at Middle Tennessee State, but it's still quite a trek across America for the Bears.

USC Trojans (October 11)
Conquest Chronicles: A nice writeup about the challenges that USC would have faced if Beanie Wells were at full strength (or playing at all). For these sick Probably especially for the 12-year-old males just hitting puberty.
Los Angeles Daily News: Just like ASU, USC is taking it one game at a time.
Los Angeles Daily News: Ohio State still brings a bit of the unknown to L.A.
Los Angeles Times: The antiquated Coliseum gets some upgrades. Over/under on number of days until the HD screen gets stolen?
Los Angeles Times: Look out for the celebs on the sidelines on Saturday night.

Oregon Ducks (October 25)
The Oregonian: The Ducks get their first real test of the season in very hostile territory.
The Oregonian: Everyone exhale...Jeremiah Johnson is going to be OK.
Eugene Register-Guard: Don't forget that Donte Rosario, who beat the Chargers last week, was a Duck!
Eugene Register-Guard: No one apparently knew that Will Tukuafu talked. Oops.

Oregon State Beavers (November 1)
The Oregonian: For many Beavers, this matchup with Hawaii is more than just a football game. EVEEEEEEEERYBODY HAKA!
The Oregonian: The Ducks beat writer told their flagship station that he will not talk about the Beavers until their "season starts", saying that they're irrelevant. Them sounds like fightin' words!
Corvallis Gazette-Times: Thanks to their awful start, this home opener is a must win.

Washington Huskies (November 8)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Kavario Middleton's quick growth has been a nice surprise.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Saying goodbye (finally) to E.J. Savannah. Don't be suprised when he surfaces somewhere else.
Seattle Times: As if they needed more to work on, the Huskies pass rush is downright bad.

Washington State Cougars (November 15)
Seattle Times: Hurricane Ike has moved the WSU/Baylor game to tomorrow night.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Being blown away by Cal was one thing. Being blown away by Hurricane Ike is completely different.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Jack Daniels is the cure-all for a 66-3 drubbing, apparently.

UCLA Bruins (November 28)
Los Angeles Daily News: Oh yeah! UCLA is playing a ranked opponent with a high powered offense as well! Sorry if we forgot. The monopoly must still not be over.
Los Angeles Times: Ricky N just keeps telling his kids to breathe. They should probably remember to play some football Saturday, too.
Los Angeles Times: Kevin Craft did a lot of growing up in the 2nd half against Tennessee.

Arizona Wildcats (December 6) Just because this will NEVER get old. EVER.
Arizona Daily Star: Say goodbye to Terrell Reese...the 4th disciplined Wildcat this season.
Arizona Daily Star: Brooks Reid gets to play his brother Saturday at New Mexico.
Tucson Citizen: This isn't the same Donovan Porterie that U of A lost to last year in Tucson.

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