Friday, September 5, 2008

WOAH! Good injury news???


Good news!

After weeks upon weeks upon weeks of being so nervous and edgy about injuries to the Sun Devils, I'm happy to report some actual improvement.

Keegan Herring missed the first game of his career last week due to his bum hamstring and doesn't fix to miss his second in a row tomorrow against Stanford. That is still yet to be determined, but the good news is that he's working out again.

Jeff Metcalfe of the Republic says Herring worked out individually yesterday and declared himself "ready to go" for this week. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't make that call. DE does.

Mike Jones has also been making us sweat with the Achilles injury he sustained earlier this week, but Erickson says that he and Herring have both improved.

Improved??? Sweet! Finally, someone's RECOVERING from an injury! I'm looking at you, Shaun DeWitty.

Realistically, I feel like losing Herring for another week would be more damaging than losing Jones for a game. ASU struggled mightily to run the ball against NAU last week with Dimitri Nance trying to shoulder the load and the Devils running attack could certainly use the shot in the arm with Herring back on the field.

On the flip side, anyone who has watched ASU over the past year and even in the season opener knows that depth at WR is not the problem. Jones is clearly this team's #1 target (162 yards against NAU doesn't lie) but with Chris McGaha, Kerry Taylor, Kyle Williams and even Nate Kimbrough contributing heavily last week, I'd much rather have a healthy Mike Jones back for UNLV than rush him back for Stanford if he's not ready.

Photo Credit: East Valley Tribune

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