Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Opponent's Notebook: Week 2

Nothing against the fine publication that it is, but the Arizona Daily Sun first on the chopping block for this year's opponent's notebook. And a new format! Hopefully easier for you to read and sort through as we help you educate yourself throughout 2008.

This week's Uga sleeps through a blowout...Stanford respects ASU's passing game...UNLV fans are "die-hard, literally...Washington has quite a test at BYU and The Hoff showed up at Arizona Stadium. Yes, THIS Hoff. Anyway, to the links!

Stanford Cardinal (September 6) The official media release. Always interesting reading. Wopamo Osaisai, owner of the best name in the Pac, wins the D-POY honors this week.
San Jose Mercury News: Stanford respects ASU's big play potential and is going to need to pressure Rudy big time.
San Jose Mercury News: Tim Kawakami can't believe Stanford actually won a game! At home!
San Francisco Chronicle: Get that arm warmed up, Tavita, you'll be throwing. A lot.
San Francisco Chronicle: Everyone is so thrilled that Stanford has a running game, no one expected it to be headed by Toby Gerhart.

UNLV Rebels (September 13)
Las Vegas Review Journal: The Rebs have some injury issues, and they'll need all the healthy bodies they can get for Utah next week and ASU afterwards.
Las Vegas Review Journal: Only 18,815 at the UNLV win over Utah State, and only a few the back of a hearst.

Georgia Bulldogs (September 20) Blair Welch...freshman kicker...a man of few words.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: All sorts of Q & A on why Georgia dropped in the polls after a win.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Terence Moore has it right...forget the and you'll move back up.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: More injury woes...Jeff Owens is going to be a big loss for the Bulldogs.
Athens Banner-Herald: Uga VII got a rousing ovation and introduction...then took a nap. Sounds like how I want my life to be.

California Golden Bears (October 4)
San Jose Mercury News: Forget controversy, Kevin Riley is the man at Cal. Grab some pine, Longshore.
San Jose Mercury News: Plenty of PT to go around for the young receivers. Name one of them before reading this and I'll give you props.
Oakland Tribune: Wopamo, you've been unseated. I have a new favorite name in the Pac-10, and he's the Bears walk-on kicker. Better yet, he won the job outright.

USC Trojans (October 11)
Los Angeles Daily News: A dominating performance in Charlottesville vaulted USC to the #1 spot in the polls.
Los Angeles Daily News: Is bigger better for the USC offense? Answer: YES.
Los Angeles Times: That Trojans backfield might be even better than the Bush/White tandem.
Los Angeles Times: T.J. Symers says you can never accuse USC of not being ready for a season opener.

Oregon Ducks (October 25) A rare instance of a student athlete doing right...Fenuki Tupou was suspended for the UW game but exposed a shady agent.
The Oregonian: Is Utah State, Oregon's next opponent, the worst team in college football?
The Oregonian: I know I don't want John Canzano to vomit, so don't compare Justin Roper to Dennis Dixon.
The Register-Guard: Speaking of Roper, he's still out of practice because of the concussion.

Oregon State Beavers (November 1)
Corvallis Gazette-Times: Can the Beavers get back on the map by beating Penn State in Happy Valley? Keep dreaming.
Corvallis Gazette-Times: Being a 15-point underdog doesn't seem to phase the Beavers.

Washington Huskies (November 8) Tremendous story about the recovery of Juan Garcia, who had the same injury Ryan Torain suffered last year.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Molly Yanity breaks down BYU and pretty much how the Cougars will demolish Washington.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Jim Moore wants you to give the Huskies some more time before you judge them. Frankly, I've seen enough.
Seattle Times: Tyrone Willingham talked to the media's like leading lambs to the slaughter.
Seattle Times: The O-Line says they have to be better. Gee, ya think?

Washington State Cougars (November 15)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Despite a loss in which they were pretty well manhandled by Oklahoma State, there's still some optimism.
Seattle Times: The Cougars are getting healthy, and they definitely need all the help they can get for their home opener.

UCLA Bruins (November 28)
Los Angeles Times: Don't be scared by the picture, be scared by how well UCLA's freshmen performed against Tennessee.
Los Angeles Times: Bill Plaschke says to cue Bon Jovi's "Who Says You Can't Go Home" for Rick Neuheisel.
Los Angeles Times: Neuheisel is only the 3rd UCLA coach to win in his debut since WWII and other notes on the upset.
Los Angeles Daily News: Ricky N got what he wanted...people are starting to talk about UCLA football.
Los Angeles Daily News: Brian Dohn's report card. Demerits for everyone!

Arizona Wildcats (December 6)
Arizona Daily Star: To be honest, I didn't finish this article. I was laughing too hard after reading that The Hoff was in the Zona Zoo.
Arizona Daily Star: One thing that UA fans aren't used to are blowouts. Oh, I mean blowout WINS.
Tucson Citizen: Toledo carries an offense into Tucson a bit better than Idaho's.

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