Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is anyone as bored as I am?

*Nervously looks around*

Is anyone out there?

Is anyone else as bored right now as I am without an ASU game this week? I know...we're all still pretty baffled by consecutive losses to UNLV and Georgia (OK, maybe not AS baffled about the Georgia loss), but at this time of year, I still find my normal routine on Thursday to get in complete full swing for a game on Saturday.

This week, I find myself literally trying to find ways to spend my time. I GUESS we'll watch that USC/Oregon State game tonight, but we all know it'll be over in a quarter.

It's not even worth it to come out with a new edition of the Pac-10 Power Poll this week because...really, there's no reason to explain it. Everyone knows the Pac-1 (that's not a typo) is currently USC and everyone else until furter notice.

Either way, I'm working on a really interesting piece on how the level of quarterback talent in the conference has fallen significantly since 2004, so stick around and I promise you'll be entertained.

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aztribguy said...

There's still plenty of stuff going on in Sun Devil Nation! You're invited to come over and join the conversation at Echo from the Buttes if you want.

We're talking about Omar Bolden, Devon Kennard and ASU baseball's recruiting class. Come check it out ...