Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did Oregon just save the day?

I can't think of any worse single day for the Pac-10.


First, Cal got outhit, outcoached and outplayed by a middling Maryland team who had just come off a loss to Middle Tennessee. Yeah, the one from the Sun Belt Conference. The one with the Arkansas State Indians (aka Red Wolves).

BYU had their way with UCLA. Actually, I take that back. That's giving too much the Bruins. The Cougars took UCLA behind the outhouse and took their dignity, swagger, confidence and lunch money.

Stanford went to TCU and left with a loss....something we all expected...but the Cardinal still blew a 14-14 halftime tie with a very tough road team.

Washington just got underway and will try to save some face. Oklahoma? I thought you said the Texas School of Mines and Metallurgy! Crap.

But wait, you say...Oregon State beat Hawai'i! Yeah! Wait, Colt Brennan doesn't play there anymore? June Jones isn't coaching up their moribund talent? Exactly.

What a horrid day for the Pac outside of West Lafayette, where those pesky Ducks sure pulled off a nice comeback on the Boilermakers.

Two more games. Us vs. the Rebels and that little game in Los Angeles. Stay tuned.

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