Monday, September 1, 2008

What they're saying about NAU/ASU

Since other people who get paid more also write about ASU football, it's nice to take a look at what they say, too.
The official site has praise for the youthful offensive line.

The Arizona Republic
Doug Haller has the recap and says ASU was in a no-win situation Saturday.

Jeff Metcalfe says we shouldn't be TOO worried about the Devils' less than stellar finish.

Odeen Domingo has a nice piece about Kerry Taylor's rise through the depth chart.

Paola Boivin thinks Rudy Carpenter has done a lot of growing up.

East Valley Tribune
Dan Zeiger thinks Rudy Carpenter is seeing things a little clearer.

Zeiger also highlights Erickson's lack of concern over the slow finish.

Scott Bordow accurately thinks that we still have a lot to learn about this year's Sun Devils.

Arizona Daily Sun
Our buddy Daniel Berk has their recap has a lot of good to say about RC.

Berk also has a nice piece about Brian Riley's first career touchdown catch.

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flohtingPoint said...

lol @ Paola. She's a softy. If you mixed her with Bickley, you might have a semi-decent journalist.

Rudy is still Rudy, we'll see that highlighted when we play the Mildcats and Rudy is going berserk on the sideline.