Sunday, November 4, 2007

BREAKING: Lute Olson taking leave

BREAKING NEWS FROM DOWN SOUTH: Lute Olson is leaving the Arizona Wildcats Men's Basketball team indefinitely. Not making this one up. No word on who is replacing him, but I'm guessing it's going to be 1997 Most Outstanding Player from the NCAA Tournament Miles Simon. We'll have a recap of his 12:30 press conference on here later.

According to the poll conducted by PitchforkNation this week, 19% of you are wrong about what the football team's final record will be. Still, that means 81% of you are not wrong. I'll put up a new poll in a few days.

If you get bored today with the NFL, check out what the EV Tribune put together about the safety of Sun Devil Stadium.

UPDATED 1:02 PM by Justin: Taking Olsen's place on the bench will be assistant coach Kevin O'Neill, who joined the program this season after spending time coaching with the Toronto Raptors.



As quality a coach and person as exists in college basketball. He will be missed.

Mark said...

He didn't die bro.

willie56 said...

Olsen is the reason,I follow PAC-10BB.Willie-56