Friday, November 9, 2007

Your Saturday Game Plan

Well, for those of you (like myself) that stayed behind in beautiful Tempe, you've got a lot on the docket for tomorrow's day of NCAA Football.

This is my first year without a trip to SoCal since my freshman year, but I'm saving my money for another trip which should take place in the next seven weeks or so.

In the meantime, here's your Pitchfork Nation recommended viewing for November 10, if you want to be like us here at PN and be a well-rounded, educated college football fan.

While preparing your morning coffee or laying in bed after a long Friday should check out:
10 AM: #12 Michigan at Wisconsin (ESPN)...because Appalachian State's beyotch actually hasn't lost since September 8.
10 AM: Wake Forest at #21 Clemson (ESPN2)...because the ACC is so might make this game look interesting.
10:30 AM: Texas A&M at #6 Missouri (FSN)...because Chase Daniel is the best quarterback you've never watched.

Of course, you'll be watching:
1:30 PM: #9 Arizona State at UCLA (ABC)
...because you'd better.

But you should also set up a TV at the same time and keep an eye on:
1:30 PM: #18 Auburn at #10 Georgia (CBS)...
because it's another one of those SEC games of the year.
1:30 PM: Illinois at #1 Ohio State (ESPN)...because I still can't figure out if the Buckeyes are for real!
1:30 PM: #13 Connecticut at Cincinnati (ESPNU)...because seriously, if UConn wins the Big East...the world might explode.

Once the Sun Devil game is over and you're getting ready for a night on Mill..keep an eye on:
5:45 PM: #15 Florida at South Carolina (ESPN)...because it's "Head Ball Coach" heading back to The Swamp.
6:00 PM: #17 USC at California (ABC)...because it's determining which of these fine programs goes to the Sun Bowl.

If you're a sucker for nostalgia, make sure to watch:
5:15 PM: #19 Virginia at Miami (ESPN2)...because I'm sure will include enough old highlights of the soon-to-be-demolished Orange Bowl to induce vomiting.

And if you've seriously got nothing else to do, there's always:
9:00 PM: Fresno State at #16 Hawai'i (ESPN2)...because even Colt Brennan knows he's not a Heisman candidate.

So there you have it, a full menu of college football for your lazy Saturday. Enjoy it and kick back a brew for your friends at Pitchfork Nation. We'll be back after the game tomorrow with instant analysis.

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