Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful for...

In no particular order
  • Playing the Pac-10 championship game at home
  • Not being in Tucson
  • Contract Buyouts
  • Having Ryan Torain in our backfield for as long as we did
  • Erin Andrews on the sidelines
  • 2 wins in Maui
  • Bruce Davis sucking
  • Surprises (Thomas Weber, Troy Nolan, Luis Vasquez)
  • Pedroia
  • 6 for 6 at home so far

That's what I'm thankful for going into this game...

Consider this an open thread...add your own list to the comments.

See you on the field for the post-game party.

1 comment:

willie56 said...

I love the new pictures,O.J vs Tillman.A very insightful thanksgiving list.Check out the Arizona Republic-The Time is Now.We are on the national stage tonight.We have played USC tough the last two years and I hope we can beat them for the first time since 1999.If we win get your Rose Bowl packages.Willie56