Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, between Illinois' repeated 3-point bombs and Jay Bilas's frequent zingers toward ASU's assembled cast of players, let's just say that the season opener didn't go so well. Bilas, known for his undying bias toward Duke, seemed like he'd had too long of a day and maybe a pina colada or two as he continually cracked jokes and barbs about ASU. The real problem though took place on the court where ASU's zone defense was often caught out of position and paid for it by spotting Illinois a 22 point lead early. The game was so bad at the early going, that ESPN2 pulled coverage briefly just 5 minutes into the game. Not much went right but at least we know that it has to get better from here. ASU next plays Princeton, who lost yesterday to Jay Bilas's adoptive sons at Duke.

Bright Spot: Christian Polk played really well. Now if we can get the other 10 guys who played yesterday to follow suit.

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