Saturday, November 24, 2007

The State of the Pac-10: 11/24/07

UCLA's Alterraun Verner, in no purposeful way, helped out Arizona State today.

The Oregon Ducks (or at least, a strange, parallel universe version of the Ducks) lost 16-0 to UCLA today at the Rose Bowl, taking control of the Pacific 10 championship straight out Cody Kempt's little hands.

So now, after all three heavyweights have played their Week 13 games, let's reset and take a look at the bowl situation for each team.

USC, at 6-2, is now in control of the Pac-10. A win over UCLA next week at the LA Coliseum puts them into the Rose Bowl regardless of what else happens throughout the Pac on December 1.
NEXT GAME: Vs. UCLA, December 1, 2:30 PM, L.A. Coliseum

Arizona State, at 6-2, needs only now to beat Arizona on December 1 to clinch at least a tie for the conference championship and finish no lower than 2nd in the Pac-10, sending them at least to the Holiday Bowl.
NEXT GAME: Vs. Arizona, December 1, 6:00 PM, Sun Devil Stadium

Oregon, at 5-3, needs both USC and Arizona State to lose and a win in the Civil War to claim a portion of the Pac-10 Title. A win by either of those teams, and Oregon will go to no higher bowl than the Holiday.
NEXT GAME: Vs. Oregon State, December 1, 2:30 PM, Autzen Stadium

And, strangely enough, UCLA still has a shot at a share of the Pac-10. If all three of those teams above lose, there will be a four way tie for 1st place.
NEXT GAME: at USC, December 1, 2:30 PM, L.A. Coliseum

So, in layman terms (minus the blatantly obvious situations), here's what's up:
-If USC and ASU both win, they are Pac-10 Co-Champions, but USC gets the automatic BCS bid by virtue of beating Arizona State. Arizona State would be in line for a BCS at-large invite or a trip to the Holiday Bowl.
-If either of those two teams lose, grab the nearest pile of manure you can find and throw it directly at the nearest fan.

If Oregon wins and...
-USC and ASU lose, Oregon and UCLA would be the co-champions of the Pac-10.
-USC wins and ASU loses, USC wins the Pac-10, Oregon takes 2nd over ASU by virtue of their win over the Sun Devils.

If UCLA wins and...
-Oregon and ASU lose, they tie with USC and ASU (6-3) at the top of the Pac-10, then it gets even messier because then UCLA will have lost to Arizona State but have beaten USC.

You know what? Forget it. My head hurts.

The only thing that matters...the only thing we can control is...

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