Friday, November 16, 2007

Tucson, AZ: Where BCS Dreams Go To Die

For three consecutive years now...somehow, someway...the Arizona Wildcats have had a major impact on the BCS picture.

In 2005, UCLA went to the Old Pueblo with an unscathed record and quickly fell behind by about 300 points. Last season, an Antoine Cason pick-six led to the 'Cats figuratively calling "BALL GAME" on California's BCS hopes.

Last night, it happened again. And guess who benefits?

Arizona got the benefit of an early Dennis Dixon injury (and if he plays again this season with the way his knee bent, I'll be shocked) and some amazing play from the aforementioned Cason to become the fifth team this season to beat a #2 ranked team. The moral of the story is: if you're given the #2 ranking, find out how you can give it back.

So, the question remains, what does this now do to the Sun Devils? It's fairly simple. Arizona State now controls it's own Pac-10 destiny. They're the last team in the Pac with only one loss. Wins over USC and Arizona put ASU in at least the Rose Bowl. Period.

So in a strange, flawed way, thank you, Arizona. Your team, for the first time, did something to benefit your arch-rivals, and now Pitchfork Nation is salivating about being in the driver's seat for our first Pac-10 Title since 1996.

Now it's time to keep up your good feelings toward your Sun Devil buddies going, and roll over on December 1.


Justin said...

Lemme see if I get this right assuming that the Pac 10 will get just one BCS Invite.

We win out = Rosebowl
We lose to USC but beat UA= El Paso ( Oregon - Rose, USC - Holiday, Us - Sun)
We beat USC but lose to UA = Holiday

That right?

Jay said...

It depends on if UCLA can upset SC.
It depends on UO being able to win their last two (doubtful with Leaf and Dixon's injury).
The Rose or Holiday is still looking good if we can go 2-0 or 1-1 these last two weeks.

NFL Adam said...

Those bastards in Tucson are worthless.

Jay said...

Touche Adam, touche.

Jay said...

Also, how classless is it for the U of gAi fans to rush the field after beating a team whose star went down two weeks before? As has been said, they didn't beat Oregon and Dixon got hurt, they won because Dixon got hurt.

Those guys have absolutely no class. Period.

willie56 said...

We can thank Omar Bolden,for the hit on Dixon.Win out and make history.Willie56

T.J. said...

as much as i'm not a U of A fan, them rushing the field after beating the #2 team in the country after the QB went down isn't any worse than us rushing the field after beating a lower ranked cal team.

Jay said...

TJ, I agree. That was pretty dumb. I've wasn't able to understand why ASU fans rushed the field after we beat a far inferior team.

Having said that, Longshore didn't go down injured in the first half permitting us to win. The officiating spotted them 14 points and ASU still kicked their ass. It was exciting, but I still don't undersand it in either case.