Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still think that Jack Elway signing is a big deal?

The Denver Post reports on Jack Elway's Cherry Creek(Colorado) Bruins losing in the second round of the state's 5A playoffs:

In addition to owning the lines and cranking out an effective running game,Grandview picked off Bruins senior Jack Elway as many times as his No. 7 jersey. Five Wolves recorded interceptions, led by Shawn Tucker's three.
For those of you asking for a reason why the son of John Elway is only a two-star recruit, you now have 7 of them. The article said a few of the interceptions were on jump balls, but that's really no excuse for 7 picks.


Scott Jones said...


Didn't Peyton Manning toss 5 interceptions earlier tonight? How many has Brett Favre thown in a game? Rush to judgement much?

One game does not a quarterback make.

john paxson said...


payton manning is a NERD.
and so are you Gilligan