Saturday, November 24, 2007

What They're Saying About ASU/USC

And most of it...not surprisingly...not complimentary about Arizona State. That picture is pretty much the story of the season for Arizona State...9-2 or 2-9.

Jeff Metcalfe, Arizona Republic: USC Overpowers ASU
Yup. Pretty much. The numbers don't lie here. ASU got manhandled in every aspect of the football game.

Jeff Metcalfe, Arizona Republic Blog: ASU to Fiesta or Holiday Bowl?
The Holiday Bowl seems likely, the Sun Bowl even more likely and like I've been saying since October, it doesn't make any financial sense to bring ASU to the Fiesta Bowl. It would be great for tradition and the fans, but try selling to Fiesta Bowl yellow-coats and sponsors that half of the fans coming to the game aren't traveling to the Valley.

Paola Boivin, Arizona Republic Blog (2 of them): Erickson is The Man, ASU Gets Dose of Reality
Coach Erickson does have a heart; it shows you just the difference in personality and maturity between Dirk and Dennis. In the other blog, she couldn't be more right...ASU just straight got smacked in the mouth.

Dan Zeiger, East Valley Tribune: USC Feasts on Arizona State
Sad but true folks. Forget about crunching the numbers and hoping for other teams to lose. ASU blew their chance at the Pac-10 Thursday night.

Kyle Odegard, East Valley Tribune: Sun Devils, Carpenter Stuffed by USC
Maybe trash talking to Everson Griffen during the coin toss and during the game wasn't such a great idea, Rudy.

Scott Bordow, East Valley Tribune: ASU Has Its Bubble Burst
Another sad but true. ASU still has a long way to go to be half the program that USC has been since 2002.

Doug Haller, USC's Defense Serves Notice to Pac-10
Standing on the field, watching this team play their best game since winning the 2004 national title, I've never seen such a fast, intimidating defense in person in my life, pro or college. And I grew up watching Ronnie Lott and the 80's San Francisco 49ers defense.

Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times: Better Late Than Never
As Bill talked to me about after the game, that's the USC everyone is used to. They just showed up a little late to the party. 508 yards of offense on the road doesn't lie.

Gary Klein, Los Angeles Times: Booty and a Feast for Trojans
Griffen said it best: "We blew them out."

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